Davos, but not as you know it...

CoinDesk will send a team of reporters to scrutinize the goings-on of the global elite as they descend on the tiny Alpine town of Davos for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. It’ll be Davos, but through a crypto and blockchain lens.

We’ll be in the room when world leaders opine on blockchains at panel discussions; observe the cryptorati who jostle to get into exclusive soirees at night; and offer a sense for how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are influencing the people who run our world.

We’ll share everything we find in a free newsletter that will run for five days called CoinDesk Confidential: Davos.

Our daily dispatches will tell you what sessions you should attend, what you missed yesterday (or last night) and prep you for what people are talking about on the Promenade today.