Coming soon: Ethereum at Five, a CoinDesk pop-up newsletter

Rainbows, unicorns and Easter eggs to mark Ethereum's fifth anniversary

Dear CoinDesk pop-up newsletter readers,

Thanks for joining us on our wild ride through Davos last winter as we put out a pop-up newsletter, covered live events and chatted with you on Telegram and other channels.

We had so much positive input and interaction with you that we’re doing it again — this time with Ethereum at Five, marking the fifth anniversary of the blockchain’s mainnet launch. The July 27-31 series includes CoinDesk Live virtual chats, a Discord community and more newsletter fun.

Our newsletters, to be published every morning next week, will feature cover stories, blasts from the past and educational snippets on Ethereum’s unique culture, memes and memories, technological innovations, challenges and opportunities to entertain and educate readers at every knowledge level.

Readers will also get the lowdown on CoinDesk Live events, to be livestreamed every afternoon at 4 p.m. ET. CoinDesk will chat with Ethereum’s mainstays like DeFi pioneers Hayden Adams and Robert Leshner, “The Infinite Machine” author Camila Russo and former ConsenSys exec Andrew Keys.

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Christie Harkin, Marc Hochstein, Elaine Ramirez and Zack Seward

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